Activate 100% of your CV database.ATS.Job Platform.Job Board.

We apply data science at the very beginning of the recruitment funnel telling you exactly who to talk to first and why

The world's most complete recruitment automation & intelligence platform

16 artificial intelligence and automation products under one roof: AI Search, Match & Ranking | Skill Extraction | Skill Recommendations | Neural Parsing | Salary Recommendations | GitHub Code Extraction | Portfolio Extraction | Web Candidate/Database Checker (is this candidate already in my database) | ATS | Email/Database Interrogation Commands (search, match and rank directly from your inbox) and more.

Up to 40% reduction
in time to hire.

100% CVs/profiles
searched every time.

Up to 90% of candidates shortlisted move to a call.

Seemless API integration
for your ATS, CRM or Job Board.


For Employers

Our goal for you: love your resume database. Spend less time searching and more time talking to the right candidates.


AI For ATSs & Job Platforms

One click match. Create more efficient recruiting for employers and the ultimate experience for job seekers.


Talent Rediscovery for ATSs

Talent rediscovery, AI search, match and rank. Text grab technology that makes any text in your ATS or on the wider web searchable.

Successfully catered to recruitment needs of companies like eBay, PWC, Bank of Ireland, Version1.

Our customers benefit from the matching technology that helps them identify the right talent faster. Candidates’ profiles are created instantly on a system that is easy to navigate, while finding the next hire becomes a real joy. We were able to take our event attendees straight into the world of instant talent matching.

Brian Ó hOisín Director, CareerZoo


We created a playground where you can play with the technology without using the product

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